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― I Believe In You And Me || Brett & Autumn. ―

Autumn threw on her cardigan, finishing off her outfit. She had just fed Carter and Sterling, which meant she was ready. She was heading down stairs when she heard her phone chime. Pulling it out, she saw it was from Brett, saying he was outside. She said goodbye to her aunts, telling them she was heading out with a friend, before running out the front door. She grinned when she saw him and waved, walking down the steps as she head for his car. “Hi!” she shouted, as she approached him, taking a sigh.

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    Autumn turned in her seat to look at him and offered a genuine smile. “I had a great night too,” she replied. She really...
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    A sigh of relief fell from his lips as Autumn spoke, and Brett couldn’t help but feel really good about how the evening...
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